Wavelength Consultants provide:

Cost-effective web hosting and web authoring solutions for a number of companies.

We can provide written quotations quickly,
and we can get you and/or your company onto the Internet usually within 24 hours...!!!

So, don't leave it too late....!

Let us help you register your own web domain name NOW!!

We provide:
Cost-effective webhosting via our own dedicated server (from less than £1 per Mb per annum*)
Domain Name registration (at cost)
Unlimited email addresses
(Free of charge**)
Front Page extensions (Free of charge**)
Automated Mailing Lists (Free of charge)
ASP + CGI facilities
(Free of charge)
Secure Server use
(Free of charge**)
Realtime Spam Filtering (Free of charge)
Server Side Includes
(Free of charge**)
Full E-Commerce facilities

(*= Minor Terms and conditions apply)
(** = If you purchase webhosting from us)

So why not join our other satisfied clients, such as:

Hi-Fi Distributors:

Audusa - UK distributor of fine imported hi-fi products.

Bocchino Audio - Superb Australian made hi-end connectors and accessories.

Furutech - Furutech connectors

Glaive Limited - Distributor of various hi-fi and A/V products.

Insert Audio - UK company who produce a wide range of hi-fi and home cinema interconnects.

Power Wrap - RFI Suppressor accessories for hi-fi/home cinema systems

Sonic Design - UK importer of the Swedish Damping Feet for Loudspeakers and CD/DVD players.

Supra Cables - UK based site of the excellent Swedish speaker and interlink cables.

Supra LoRad - mirror1 - mirror2 - mirror3 - mirror4 - product specific websites

Wavelength Distribution - Hi-Fi/AV accessory distribution company.

Hi-Fi Retailers:

Custom Cable Service - SW London based mail order supplier of hi-fi cables and accessories.

AVcablesdirect - An on-line mail order retailer, specialising in AV cables and accessories.

Unilet Sound & Vision - Surrey based Hi-Fi and A/V systems retailer and installer.

Hi-Fi Related Businesses

Rob Follis Associates - PR Company for Denon, Arcam, Wilson-Benesch, Supra cables, TCI, Eclipse, Ixos, Sennheiser

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